Mechanical Ecstasy ZOOM party - Nite

Our first digital FridayNITE will be an online rave: The Mechanical Ecstasy ZOOM party.

On Friday April 10 Club Guy & Roni brings their rave shaped festival hit Mechanical Ecstasy to a screen near you. With a live ZOOM meeting in which professional video images of Mechanical Ecstasy at Lowlands are mixed with an MC (creator Guy Weizman himself), a DJ from infamous electronic music club OOST and YOU. Join the online party.

Limited spots available.

Join the online dance floor via this link.
The meeting link will also be posted online during the event.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email.

Please note:
The ZOOM meeting will be streamed live on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch.

Art infusion: new designs for FridayNITE by Rik Möhlmann. VIEW HERE


20:00 Live music from Slagwerk Den Haag
20:15 Interview with Thys by Guy Weizman
20:30 Mechanical Ecstasy
21:30 DJ set by JanJan (OOST)


Link list guest curator#1: Thys
Thys composed the music of Mechanical Ecstasy

This is a nice landing page for my latest release with Amon Tobin, with links to all the digital ways to listen to it. I’m not going to describe the music, it’s very short, just listen to the whole thing! We wanted to press 7 inch vinyl records of this but because of covid those had to be canceled, so it’s digital only. It’s nice lockdown music, I think.

Tim Urban
The writings of Tim Urban. He tries to explain really simple things, but also very complex things, in simple words that everybody should be able to understand. I like the way he breaks down concepts, and I love his stick figure drawings. This is an excellent time to read through his whole site, his exploration of AI is phenomenal, and the latest pieces on politics and mass psychology are also really great. But I’m linking a lighter subject first: his explorations about the topic of procrastrination, something everybody struggles with. And yes, he does offer advice!

The video for Voyager, from my album “Music for Sleeping Beauty Dreams”. The album is a studio version of the score I wrote for a contemporary dance performance that performed in Russia and USA. This wonderful video was made with my Club Guy & Roni friends Ada Daniele (she danced) Lex Vesseur (he filmed and edited) and Tanya Matveeva (Ada and Tanya made the choreographies).


Every Friday from 16:00 till 19:00 we sell our special NITE beer at our home: Bloemstraat 38. You buy the beer COOLED and straight from the brewer himself. 2 euros a bottle, payed with PIN on the spot.

About FridayNITE
FridayNITE is a digital stage for online artistic expression. Every Friday at 20:00. By Noord Nederlands Toneel and Club Guy & Roni.


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