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Theatrical reading of the Drunken Ones (Ivan Vyrypaev) by director Eline Arbo

The Drunk Ones: a dancing, musical, utopian production that goes both over the top and under the table

Three weeks later than anticipated, director Eline Arbo dove into rehearsals with 5 actors, 3 dancers, and 1 musician. After the remaining three weeks of rehearsal, she is putting forth a work-in-progress titled The Drunk Ones on the online festival island of Oerol and on the NITE Hotel’s virtual stage. Under these new circumstances, Arbo presents a comical, drunken, dancing, musical, cinematic, utopian production that goes both over the top and under the table.

Performed in het NITE Hotel

With this joyful and acute script, Eline Arbo lets audiences believe in a better world for at least one night. In any case, the drunk characters think that they have found the answers to life’s biggest questions at the bottoms of their glasses.

“I have noticed that my generation wants to create a better world but finds it hard to realize this goal. The time is ripe for change, but how do we go about it? I have heard from people that my productions have an activist tone, but more than anything, I want to combine the political and the personal in order to make us imagine new realities.”

(Eline Arbo)


The Drunk Ones

In his script, which has yet to be performed in the Netherlands, Russian playwright Ivan Vyrypajev, presents a number of characters who are searching for God, love, or utopia. Blind drunk, they happen to get to talking with one another and find a few short moments of fleeting connection. In this way, the funny and philosophical script shows us just how close a better world is, if only we would listen to our inner voices more often.

In The Drunk Ones, Arbo poses questions that keep people occupied, especially during this time: what is the meaning of life, and what connects us to other people? Our everyday life can’t be everything, right? There must be a bigger plan? After a drink or two, it sometimes seems a bit easier to have the answers to all these questions.

The original plan was to produce The Drunk Ones as a big, site-specific performance on the island of Oerol. Due to the current circumstances, Arbo and the Noord Nederlands Toneel + Club Guy & Roni give us instead a comical, drunken, dancing, musical, cinematic, utopian reading that goes both over the top and under the table.

During the performance, both Dutch and English will be spoken, and all of the lines will have English subtitles. The production is therefore suitable for an international audience.

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Bram van der Heijden, Tim Linde, Janneke Remmers, Judith van den Berg, Rosa van Leeuwen, Angela Herenda, Camilo Chapela and Harold Luya.



Eline Arbo


Ivan Vyrypajev


Robbert-Jan Henkes


Thijs van Vuure


Juul Dekker


Varja Klosse


Rebekka Wormann

Kostuum ontwerp

Robbert van Heuven

Fri 19 Jun 20:00

The Drunken Ones

Thu 18 Jun 20:00

The Drunken Ones

Wed 17 Jun 20:00

The Drunken Ones

Fri 12 Jun 20:00

The Drunken Ones


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