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The Poetic Disasters Club is the junior company of Club Guy & Roni and Noord Nederlands Toneel. It is a breeding ground for international talent; dancers, actors and musicians. There’s room for all disciplines!

In this experimental garden, and during the course of one year, they can completely develop themselves. Experiment is key, with a constant focus on research and development. The Poetic Disasters Club performs in theaters and on location throughout the country and far beyond.


Tenth season (2020 – 2021)

Tessa Spagnoli
Wilchaan Cantu
Adrian Thömess
Julie Boellaard
Aaron Faneyte
Gina van Os
Tatiana Śpiewak
Yun-Ting Tsai

Ninth season (2020 – 2021)

Felix Veenstra
William English
Sam Corver
Rosie Reith
Simone Peters
Jésula Toussaint Visser
Żaneta Kęsik

Eighth season (2019 – 2020)

Axel Bourdon
Momo Tanner
Beau Delwel
Thomas Higginson
Neil Höhener


Seventh season (2018-2019)

Judith Schuur

Georgia Lyell

Arno Verbruggen

Annemieke Mooij

Lodewijk Walther Boer

Terencio Douw

Iro Karra

Tim Schouten

Momo Samwel



Sixth season (2017-2018)

Olympia Kotopoulos
Louis Thuriot
Borna Babić
Ayisha Siddiqi
Eliana Stragapede
Matija Franješ
Phoenix Chase-Meares
Tim Olivier Somer
Annelotte van Aarst



  • Conference of the birds with Club Guy & Roni
  • Fassbinder: Towards in Eihnem Jahr mit 13 Monden. by Hendrik Aerts & Sofiko Nachkebiya
  • The Party


4th and 5th season (2015-2016 en 2016-2017)


Tatiana Matveeva
Sonia Zwolska
Milan Schudel
Manuel Paolini
Agnese Fiocchi
Patrick de Haan
Harold Luya (only season 2015-2016)



Judith Döhn
Élénie Wagner
Andy Smart



  • KASPAR by Hendrik Aerts and Angela Herenda
  • Mechanical Ecstasy with Club Guy & Roni, van Guy Weizman and Roni Haver
  • Niemandsland by Roni Haver & Karin Noeken
  • Self-Accusation by Hendrik Aerts (Amsterdamse Bos and Theaterfestival De Parade)


3rd season (2014-2015)

Leire Otamendi Albisu
Malou Kaaijk
Alessandra Orzati
Nik Rajsek
Patrick Schmatzer



  • Mechanical Ecstasy with Club Guy & Roni, by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver
  • Niemandsland by Roni Haver & Karin Noeken
  • De Vonk with Club Guy & Roni, by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver


2nd season (2013-2014)

Davey Bakker
Ada Daniele
Arad Inbar
Maxime Landstra
Courtney Robertson
Victor Rottier



  • Offending the audience by Hendrik Aerts en Adam Peterson
  • Niemandsland by Roni Haver & Karin Noeken
  • Dance film The Mirror by Gijs Kerbosch and Guy Weizman
  • Gift for Infinity by Guy Weizman
  • Alpha Boys by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver


First season (2012-2013)

Jordan Achiano
Karen Brinkman
Jamie de Groot
Amy Josh
Salim Ben Mammar
Federica Rizzo
Courtney Robertson



  • Deleted Scenes by Roni Haver
  • Motiv(n)ation by Edan Gorlicki

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