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Arno Verbruggen


Arno Verbruggen (1997, Belgium) has trained and graduated Codarts University for the Arts as a contemporary dancer/performer (Rotterdam, 2015-2019). They danced with Club Guy&Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club (Groningen, 2018-2019). Then they worked for Aura dance Theater in Kaunas, Lithunia (2019-2020). As they were working as a company dancer, Arno always gave physical theatre and improvisation classes. From 2020 Arno started freelancing and worked with different companies/platforms/artists from different artforms such as Maison the Faux (Arnhem) and Stef Van Looveren, Action Zoo Humain/Chokri Ben Chikha (Ghent) and Romeo Castellucci (Brussels). From 2015, they have also been creating alongside performing (e.g: 2019; “How to cope with a break up? #tuto”, a solo work made for the Weekend Break Festival in Groningen). Now Arno is joining the production of Zinderella with Moniek Merkx and is very excited to be back in Groningen. Here is what they say about art: “Art is where my heart is. I position Art at the level of God and Art is the way to freedom and freedom is our holy work”.

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