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Bab Ad-daar is looking for talent! Step through our door so we can and make our house a place for you too, to accelerate integration and feeling at home in Groningen.  

Are you a newcomer in the Netherlands? Are you a musician, actor, dancer, poet, presenter or do you just want to explore your creativity? Are you looking for a place to showcase your talent? Then you are in the right place: our door is always open for new talent. The goal of Bab Ad-daar is to build a warm place for newcomers in the Netherlands, to improve skills and talents in dance, theatre and music, by matching them with professionals in the cultural field of Groningen.  

Ahmad Abdulwahab, the initiator of Bab Ad-daar, experienced himself the feeling of a new door opening: “As a Syrian newcomer in Groningen, I decided to pick up dancing and find a way to improve the dancing skills I developed before I came to the Netherlands. I was sitting at home more than I wanted to and I didn’t know where to start. So, I just started by literally knocking on the door of The Machinefabriek – the home of the Noord Nederlands Toneel and Club Guy & Roni – and asking if I could get help in developing my performance skills.”

What we do 

Every two weeks Bab Ad-daar brings new talents on stage. Whether it’s music, dance, poetry or theatre, we want to share it with our community! Bab Ad-daar is part of NITE (Noord Nederlands Toneel + Club Guy & Roni) and works on diversity projects around NITE performances.

Bab Ad-daar takes talents across the Netherlands! In collaboration with NITE, we offer a NITE of Freedom: an interactive theatrical piece where music, dance and theatre are combined. What is freedom? What is the price you are willing to pay for your freedom? These are some of the questions that the audience finds itself confronted with. Every Friday before the NITE show Freedom in all the main cities of the tour.  

What we offer 

  • A studio with oriental decor with professional light and sound
  • A professional film director, Mhd Mosa, who will turn our performances –and yours! – into a short movie. This video will then be shown on all our social media channels.
  • A live audience!


The only thing we need of you as newcomer, is your excitement and an idea of what talents or skills you want to improve. This could be dancing, performing, making videos or building decors. After that you will be matched by Ahmad, to a mentor who is a professional in the cultural field. To support you in your practice, evaluate your progress and most importantly to keep you going when the going gets though.

If you’re interested to join, you will meet up with matchmaker and initiator Ahmad Abdulwahab to explain the possible trajectories and find the best way in for you. Fill in the form below (in English or Arabic) and Ahmad will get in touch with you.

fill in form: join us

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“I asked for help once and now the people of the Noord NederlandsToneel and Club Guy & Roni continue to support me. First I could join in classes for the dancers, so I was able to develop my skills as a dancer. Furthermore, they introduced me to people in the cultural field of Groningen and keep recommending me to other artist of projects that could fit me. This network is just as valuable as the lessons. At times when I wanted to give up on my ambition to work as a dancer, they kept pushing me and surrounding me with positive energy and work ethos. Now I want to pass on this warm welcome and motivation I got at the NNT to other newcomers, by being a matchmaker between them and the cultural professionals in Groningen.” – Ahmad

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